Saturday, December 2

Saturday, December 2


     O Returning Sovereign, Come


      Mark 13:34-35  It is like someone going on a journey, who . . .puts the servants in charge . . .                                                Watch therefore . . . you do not know when the sovereign will come.

Prayerful Reflection

O Returning Sovereign, Come~
Reveal yourself to us today
as you once did, coming in living flesh
to dwell among us.
Your coming surprised the shepherds
as they watched their flocks by night;
your coming surprised the magi,
as they gazed at the starry skies.
Surprise us this day,
as you appear to us in our ordinary moments,
throughout our mundane tasks,
during the routine rhythm of our days.
Renew our hope in your presence among us
and open our eyes to know you in our midst.

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