Wednesday, December 13

Wednesday, December 13


    O Holy One, Come


    Luke 1:49  For the one who is mighty has done great things for me, and holy is God’s name.

 Prayerful Reflection

 O Holy One, Come~
You, who came
as the holy child of Bethlehem
and who descended to us,
you are the one who created all that is,
you are the one who sustains all life,
you are our beginning and our end.
Who are we that you, in your holiness,
in your greatness, your power, your might should care for us?
Yet you attend to each of one of us
as your precious child,
knowing us intimately and loving us wholly.
In a spirit of deep gratitude and awe,
open us to joyfully welcome
your presence and love into our hearts.

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