Tuesday, December 11

Tuesday, December 11


     O Uplifter of the Outcast, Come


Zephaniah 3:19b  And I will save the one who is lame, and gather the one who is outcast, and I will change their shame into praise and renown in all the earth.

Prayerful Reflection
O Uplifter of the Outcast, Come~
Give us a heart for the oppressed, the poor,
the refugee, the outcast, the immigrant.
Compel us to care,
to change our attitudes
towards those in need:
from blame to compassion,
from ostracization to companionship,
from pity to solidarity.
May we look upon all your children
with respect and dignity,
and may we seek to lift them up,
and to serve them until they know
security, safety, and joy in their lives.

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