Saturday, December 22

Saturday, December 22


O King of All Nations, Come


Micah 5:4b-5  And they shall dwell secure, for now the ruler shall be great to the ends of the earth, and shall be the one of peace.

 Prayerful Reflection
O King of All Nations, Come~
into the warring madness of countries,
into the combative rage of disagreements,
into the hurtful conflicts of relationships,
into the anxious worries of our hearts,
and make your presence known.
Open our eyes to other points of view,
our hearts to deeper understanding,
our ears to compassionate listening,
and our mouths to respectful dialogue.
May your love for the world flow through us
as we long for your rule
to be great to the ends of the earth.
Make us ones of peace in this world.

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