Tuesday, December 22

Tuesday, December 22


     O King of All Nations, Come


 Psalm 96:3  Declare God’s glory among the nations, God’s marvelous works among all people!

 Prayerful Reflection

 O King of All Nations, Come~
We all began in you, and shall all return to you.
Remind us that we are all, every one of us,
connected to each other,
through our dependence on this planet,
through our shared human condition,
through our having been created in your image.
Open our eyes to see our commonality
rather than our divisions.
Open our hearts to care for each other,
to care for our earth, to care for our future.
Do your marvelous work and unite us
into a worldwide family,
filled with kindness and compassion
for one another,
living in your love-filled, all-inclusive embrace.

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