Week 2 Dec 2 – December 8

Second Sunday of Advent December 8, 2019

Begin reflections on Monday, December 2

Readings:      Isaiah 11:1-10  |   Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19  |
Romans 15:4-13  |  Matthew 3:1-12

The overall theme of this week~

Peace in the midst of Conflict

Suggested spiritual Practice for this week:

Centering Prayer

To deepen your prayer practice in this week of peace, you are encouraged to begin each day with the praying of the reflection, and then spending some time in quiet contemplation. Ideal time for such a practice is twenty minutes of silence, focusing on a sacred word, and releasing all thoughts. Spend however much time is comfortable for you centering yourself by resting in the arms of your loving God, and carrying that peace with you the whole day through.



Monday, December 2
Tuesday, December 3
Wednesday, December 4
Thursday, December 5
Friday, December  6
Saturday, December 7
Sunday, December 8




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