1 Monday, November 30

Monday, November 30


       O Tender Comforter, Come


        Isaiah 40:1-2  Comfort, comfort my people says your God.  Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,
and cry to it that its warfare is ended, that its iniquity is pardoned.
. .

Prayerful Reflection

O Tender Comforter, Come~
Fill us with your kindness and compassion.
End the wars, the strife,
the struggles that we face
within ourselves, with others, with you.
Lead us to follow the example of Jesus,
sowing seeds of peace where there is conflict,
gentleness where there is hardness,
understanding where there is judgment.
Fill us with your tenderness
and your perfect peace,
that we may bring tidings
of healing, hope and wholeness to our world.


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