Week 3 Dec 9 – Dec 15

Third Sunday of Advent:  December 15, 2019

Begin reflections on Monday, December 9

Readings:    Isaiah 35:1-10  |  Psalm 146:5-10 or Luke 1:47-55 James 5:7-10  |   Matthew 11:2-11


The overall theme of this week~

Joy in the midst of Despair


Suggested spiritual Practice for this week:

Praying with the Arts

To deepen your prayer practice in this week of joy, you are encouraged to begin each day by opening yourself to joy that comes from some kind of art. Find a picture that draws you in, a poem that moves you, a piece of music that touches a place deep within.  Prayerfully sit with it, opening yourself, asking the spirit to guide you as you pay close attention, as it evokes feelings, insights thoughts. Let the art become a vehicle to a deeper relationship with God, and may it bring you joy.


Monday, December 9
Tuesday, December 10
Wednesday, December 11
Thursday, December 12
Friday, December 13
Saturday, December 14
Sunday, December 15



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