7 Sunday, December 13

Sunday, December 13

 Prayer for the Third Sunday of Advent

 O God of our Joy, Come~
When we are weary and down-hearted,
enter our lives
with your encouragement
and compassion.
Grant us the patience
to live in joyful hope,
to trust in your abiding presence,
even when we may not feel it.
Open our eyes to see the wounded places
and suffering people in our world.
Fill us with your love
that we may shine your light of healing
into the brokenness,
creating a more just
and peace-filled world.
We ask this through Christ,
our Savior and our Joy.


One thought on “7 Sunday, December 13

  1. Mary says:

    I just got a call that my minister could not meet with our group tonight due to illness. Thanks for providing food for thought to our Bible study group- the LadyBugs. This is just what we needed. Thanks to the Holy Spirit for guiding me to it. Thanks to you all for posting it. Merry Christmas.

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