3 Wednesday, December 16

Wednesday, December 16


    O Merciful Helper, Come


 Luke 1:54  God has helped God’s servant Israel, in remembrance of God’s mercy. . .

 Prayerful Reflection

 O Merciful Helper, Come~
We are in need of your boundless grace.
The nights are long, the days are cold,
the season of winter feels endless,
and we just want to isolate ourselves
from the world.
We confess that we have ignored
the cries of those who are poor,
the longings of those who are lonely,
the injustices of those who are oppressed.
Help us to move
from inertia to action,
from apathy to love
from despondency to hope.
In your mercy, forgive our dispassion,
and strengthen us to live as your
your good and faithful servants.


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