4 Thursday, December 19

Thursday, December 19


     O Flower of Jesse’s Stem, Come


     Isaiah 7:13-14 “Hear then, O house of David! . . . God will give you a sign: a young woman shall conceive and                      bear a child, whom she shall call Immanuel.”

Prayerful Reflection

O Flower of Jesse’s Stem, Come~
Just as you anointed David,
the youngest son of Jesse
and least likely to become the King of Israel,
so you surprised your people again
by choosing a young, poor, unknown virgin
to bear your King of Salvation.
You sent Jesus not as a mighty King,
but as a servant King,
ruling not by laying down the law,
but by laying down his life.
Teach us to imitate your Child
by serving others,
and giving generously of our own lives in love
as Jesus did.


One thought on “4 Thursday, December 19

  1. Jeri S says:

    Susi. As always your words and the scripture you choose are so comforting to me. Jeri

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